The Importance of Facilitation Skills

  Any leader in today’s complex world needs facilitation skills. The skills are required for good collaboration and consensus building. OneOC, the Santa Ana, CA- based consulting company dedicated to leadership training for non-profits, has offered a workshop to teach facilitation skills. The workshop course will help participants do the following:   Learn facilitation skills […]

Keeping Up with the 21st Century

  When was the last time you updated your management style? This is an issue for the future and for the succession of a company’s success in moving towards the future. Some managing aspects remain timeless; however, the hierarchical, inward-focused leadership style that defined the 20th century is nudging us to get real. Companies are […]

Motivational Leadership

  One of the biggest leadership challenges is motivating employees. As a leader, wouldn’t you love a team that is motivated, committed, empowered! Let’s take a look from the employee perspective as to what motivates them. People need to know they matter! When employees are unhappy and you ask them what’s missing, the most common […]

What Motivates Donors?

This past week I had 15 solicitation letters from 10 organizations.  Some were what I call repeaters.  These are organizations I have sent a donation within the last few years. Seven (7) of them included a “gift”.  Usually something I do not need, especially address labels.   Seldom do the mailers motivate me to give again; […]

How to Build a Board

Most small nonprofits would like to have a larger board, but they just don’t seem to have the elements in place needed to make it happen. Here is what is needed. Once or twice a year, personally ask each board member, staff member and anyone else you know for the contact information for anyone that […]

What Happened to the Org. Chart

A Leader’s Perspective for Networking One of the biggest challenges in running an organization in today’s times, is reconciling the use of org. charts with the increased demand for networking. Networking, collective impact, collaboration, partnerships – all phrases trending heavily in recent non-profit research and strategic operations – place a strain on the usual benefit […]