The Requirement for Entrepreneurial Skills

Premise:Can we say that today’s non-profit leaders need entrepreneurial skills to manage their organization and solve social problems? Are planning creatively, thinking strategically, and motivating others to do the same, important in today’s times? I have advocated for the efficacy of collaboration among non-profits in order to better serve the community and attract foundation and […]

Why Do Your Donors Give?

Karen Eber Davis at says that studies show that “donors give for a handful of common reasons including giving back, making a difference and because they were asked. Beyond these generic concepts, if you seek to grow your donations, you need to identify the primary reason why your donors give to you.” When you […]

The Art of Collaboration for the Non-Profit

The State of the Non-Profit ‘Business’ in the U.S. Even though more businesses closed than opened in 2013, non-profits continued to number. According to The Foundation Center,  U.S. Foundations’ giving reached an estimated $50.9 Billion in 2012, despite a slowing economy, and anticipated a moderate increase in 2013. What are the growing trends to […]

What Kind of Board Should You Want?

Many of our nonprofit clients dream of having a Board of high net-worth individuals, who, along with their wealthy friends, give bundles of money to their nonprofit, eliminating all of nonprofit’s financial worries.  These nonprofits typically have an existing Board of caring middle-class people who donate what they can and try to advise their Executive […]

Fund raising is about passion…

Passion for a nonprofit organization’s mission influences many areas. It creates confidence, pride and loyalty, building emotional connections with clients and stakeholders. An article in Giving USA states that individuals are the largest source of charitable donations for nonprofit organizations.   Total charitable giving in the U.S. reached more than $298.4 billion in 2011. Of that […]