A Board’s Developmental Responsibilities

  Last month’s blog outlined a board’s strategic responsibilities. This blog will address their developmental responsibilities. A nonprofit’s strategic plan typically identifies the measurable goals that the nonprofit’s staff is expected to achieve in the coming year, and the strategies that they will deploy in order to achieve those goal. The Board participates in developing […]

A Board’s Strategic Responsibilities

  Last month’s blog discussed a board’s fiscal responsibilities. This blog addresses their strategic responsibilities. A nonprofit’s budget for the coming year is a reflection of the trends in their annual expenses and revenues, plus any strategies they have for making the future look different from those projections. These agreed upon strategies are typically the […]

The Importance of Facilitation Skills

  Any leader in today’s complex world needs facilitation skills. The skills are required for good collaboration and consensus building. OneOC, the Santa Ana, CA- based consulting company dedicated to leadership training for non-profits, has offered a workshop to teach facilitation skills. The workshop course will help participants do the following:   Learn facilitation skills […]